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Преглед система високог образовања

Објављена је финална верзија документа ‘’Преглед система високог образовања у Босни и Херцеговини – Overview of Higher Education System in Bosnia and Herzegovina’’ који је израдила Извршна Агенција за образовање, аудиовизуалну политику и културу (ЕАЦЕА), у сарадњи са Националном Ерасмус  канцеларијом у БиХ (НЕО) и групом експерата за реформу високог образовања у БиХ (ХЕРЕ). ВИШЕ…

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Стипендије Владе Тајланда

Влада Краљевине Тајланд понудила је пет стипендља за постдипломски студиј из различитих области на еминентним Универзитетима на Тајланду. Стипендије се додјељују у оквиру „Thailand International Postgraduate Programme (TIPP)“. ВИШЕ…

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EUA Newsletter 5 | 10/3/2017

EUA launches TRENDS 2018 survey

EUA invites all European universities and higher education institutions to participate in the TRENDS 2018 survey. The eighth in the series, the EUA flagship initiative aims to map developments in Europe’s changing higher education landscape.

EUA has been conducting the TRENDS series and publishing the resulting reports since 1999, with a view to feed an institutional perspective into European higher education policy discussions, and improve the knowledge base on, and support for institutional developments within European universities. So far, TRENDS… ВИШЕ…

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Coimbra Group Universities

Отворен је позив за пријављивање на Програм стипендирања младих истраживача, који нуди тзв. Коимбра група, (мрежа 37 најстаријих и најпрестижнијих универзитета у Европи основана 1985. године).

Поменути програм омогућава младим истраживачима са високошколских институција земаља  у окружењу Европске уније, да током краћих истраживачких боравака на институцијама-чланицама Коимбра групе,  реализују дио својих истраживања.  ВИШЕ…

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Balkanmine 2017

У организацији Рударског факултета у Приједору Универзитета у Бањој Луци, од 11-13. октобра 2017. године у Приједору биће одржан VII Балкански рударски конгрес ˝Balkanmine 2017˝, под мотом ˝Балканско рударство за пријатељство и напредак˝. ВИШЕ…

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Међународни симпозијум еколога

Међународни симпозијум еколога – ИСЕМ7 ће бити одржан од 4. до 7. октобра 2017. године у Сутомору (Црна Гора).


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Forum Alpbach 2017

Conflicts and cooperative efforts are capable of destroying established entities, but can also give rise to new foundations. Between August 16 and September 1, 2017, hundreds of pioneers hailing from academic, political, economic, cultural, and civil society backgrounds will present groundbreaking ideas on this tense topic.

Travel to Alpbach and immerse yourself into a unique surrounding with new ideas, channels of thought and contacts aplenty. This year will see 20 academic seminars, led by renown academics,  and over 200 plenary sessions and breakout sessions take place under the banner of Conflict and Cooperation. The advent of artificial intelligence in all imaginable areas of society and the future of the liberal-minded America are key thematic priorities of the 17-day programme.


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EUA newsletter

EUA Board elections: Meet the nominees

EUA members will have the opportunity to elect three new Board members at the 2017 General Assembly, which will take place on the morning of 6 April before the start of the EUA Annual Conference, hosted by the University of Bergen in Norway.
The new Board members will replace David Drewry, Gülay Dogu Barbarosoglu and Stefano Paleari, whose terms will be ending at the conference. The five nominees are as follows: MORE…

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UNESCO/POLAND Co-Sponsored Fellowships Program Engineering

With a view to promoting human resource capacities in the developing countries and to enhancing international understanding and friendship among nations and the people of Poland, the Polish National Commission for UNESCO and the UNESCO Chair for Science, Technology and Engineering Education at the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow have placed at the disposal of certain Member States (see Annex I) forty (40) fellowships of six (6) months duration each, in Poland, starting on 2 October 2017. The beneficiaries of these fellowships will be given the opportunity to undertake an individual research programme in the field of Science, Technology and Engineering. For more information please visit also .

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International Credit Mobility Handbook for HEIs

We are delighted to announce that the International Credit Mobility Handbook for HEIs has been published on the Erasmus+ website:

 This 25-page guide was produced at the request of several NAs, NEOs and HEIs and aims to support both Programme and Partner Country HEIs in the implementation of their ICM project, from application to final report stage. It does not intend to replace the guidelines and supporting documents already available to HEIs, and refers to them throughout.