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Резултати испита из ПЕДАГОГИЈЕ и ПСИХОЛОГИЈЕ

PMF, junski rok 2017

Упис оцјена ће бити у уторак (27.6.) у 11 часова на Филозофском факултету (канцеларија 107),

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Management of International Activities in Education: case studies

Within the framework of the comprehensive International Partnership plan „Educational Innovations of the 21st Century“  the III Institut fuer intellektuelle Integration

/III Institute for Intellectual Integrations/ organizes the

 International Workshop /Practical e-learning course/

 «Management of International Activities in Education: case studies»

 June 26 – July 15, 2017

Vienna (Austria)

         Target group: the staff of the international departments of universities, Directors of Cooperative International Programs of dual diplomas, Professors, students of intercultural communication and international relations programs, researchers in the field of comparative education.

         International certification – 120 academic hours.


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KIIT University India Scholarships Program (KUISP)

KIIT University in India is happy to announce “KIIT University India Scholarships Program (KUISP)” for academically inclined international students for pursuing higher professional education at KIIT University with half scholarships. We would request that you consider sending two students from your country to KIIT University who may eligible for the half scholarship program (50% of the total course fee which includes accommodation and food). We would appreciate if you kindly access our website and to know more about our work.

Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology (KIIT) University is a premier University in India, accorded Category “A” by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India. As a centre of Excellence in various streams of Engineering, Bio-Technology, Business Management, Law, Languages, Medical Sciences, Dental Science & Nursing, Fashion Technology, Films, Sculpture, Buddhism etc to more than 27000 students from India and 27 different countries. KIIT continues to forge ahead in Academic excellence and research. With the membership in Association of Commonwealth Universities, Association of International Universities, University Mobility in Asia & the Pacific, (UMAP), International Accreditation Organisation, International partnership with more than 100 Universities across Asia, Europe, America, Africa and Australia. National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) , Ministry of Human Resource Department (MHRD), Government of India has ranked KIIT School of Management as the 22nd best Management School of India & has awarded 47th ranking to KIIT School of Engineering. KIIT’s All India University Ranking by NIRF, MHRD is 49.

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University of Ferrara PhD studies

Dear sirs,

I would be grateful if you can inform potential candidates of the opportunities offered by University of Ferrara to international PhD students who will start their doctorate in November 2nd, 2017.

Applications have to reach the University of Ferrara by August 1st, 2017.

The official announcement is available to the official site:

For any information please contact:

• Ufficio Dottorato di Ricerca
e-mail: – Tel.: +39 0532 455283

• IUSS Office
e-mail: – Tel.: +39 0532 455286
I remain at your disposal, sincerely yours with best regards,

Prof. Massimo Coltorti
IUSS-Ferrara 1391, Director

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Постдокторске стипендије Ерасмус Мундус програма СУНБЕАМ

SUNBEAM is an Erasmus Mundus Action 2 – Strand 1 project with the aim to interlink European and Western Balkans universities; it fits into the European policies on higher education by sharing the main objectives of such policies, like promotion of European higher education, improvement and enhancement of the career prospects of students, promotion of the intercultural understanding through cooperation with third-countries and sustainable development of third-countries in the field of higher education. ВИШЕ…

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EUA Newsletter 12 – 16/06/2017

EUA Newsletter 12 – 16/06/2017

Time for a quantum leap in EU research funding – an editorial from EUA President Rolf Tarrach

Europe needs more ambitious research funding, or risks losing precious knowledge, writes Rolf Tarrach in an editorial published on 30 May.
The European Union is currently defining its priorities for the next decade. The scientific community takes this opportunity to remind European policymakers that research and innovation propel both societal progress and sustainable economic growth.

Universities are the unique places for production and dissemination of new knowledge, which are fundamentally important for society. Universities have been benefitting from, and contributing to the EU research framework programmes (FPs) for decades.

The EU framework programme is one of the most powerful instruments the EU has developed to support excellent science and outstanding collaborative research across Europe and internationally. It has further structured and scaled up the scientific community’s efforts and capacity to tackle large-scale, ‘big picture’ challenges which will define the way we live tomorrow.

The FP has generated so much interest among stakeholders that one might say it has been too successful in attracting first class participation. At the same time, despite significant efforts, FP spending has not kept up with the demands of increasingly knowledge-driven societies.
Read the full editorial

More information: Brussels backs EUA’s call for ambitious research funding


Join the EUA-CDE Annual Meeting “Digitalisation: A game changer for doctoral education?” via Facebook live today at 12.30

The EUA Council on doctoral education will be live on Friday 16 June, from 12.30 to 14.00 (CEST) during the plenary session on “New Skills in Doctoral Education and Research Training”. The session will focus on how the doctoral schools, which are uniquely positioned to respond to the demand for new skills in a digital society, can shape the professional capacities of highly skilled doctorate holders. The speakers will reflect on the needs of a fast-changing society and highlight the role doctoral education plays in universities by helping society to address the challenges of digitalisation.
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EUA contributes to a common understanding of quality assurance in Africa

EUA took part in delivering the training course on developing a common understanding on quality assurance (QA) in Africa. The event took place on 31 May-2 June in Accra, Ghana, as part of the HAQAA Initiative, which is an important part of the framework of the Joint Africa-EU Strategy.
Read more

The USTREAM project provides you with new opportunities to shape the European agenda on efficient university management

EUA is organising a series of events with the aim to foster the exchange of good practices in the field of strategic, efficient and autonomous management of universities by using collected institutional and system-level evidence.
Read more


EUA webinar on Brexit: what will it mean for universities

On 7 June 2017, EUA organised a webinar on Brexit: What will it mean for universities? The webinar aimed at giving a factual overview of Brexit for the university sector, as seen from the UK viewpoint as well as from Brussels.
Read more
University Autonomy in Europe III: The Scorecard 2017

EUA Response to Key Competences for Lifelong Learning

EUA Annual Report 2016

EUA’s Reponse to the European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity

10th EUA-CDE Annual Meeting
Tallinn University, Tallinn, Estonia
15-16 June 2017

1st European Learning & Teaching Forum
University Pierre and Marie Curie, Paris, France
28-29 September 2017

EUA RIS3 Workshop
University of Tartu, Tartu, Estonia
17 October 2017


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МЕНСА Рајовић на ПМФ-у

Јуче је у амфитеатру ПМФ-а у организацији бањалучког Ротари клуба одржано предавање др. Ранка Рајовића „Како расту велики људо“ једног од најпопуларнијих стручњака за рани развој дјеце и аутора НТЦ (Nurturing Talented Children) система учења. Др. Рајовић је и предсједник Одбора за надарене, међународног удружења Менса и УНИЦЕФ-ов сарадник на пројекту раног потицања интелектуалног развоја дјеце. НТЦ систем учења је програм заснован на теоријским основама неурологије, неуропсихологије и других наука, а посебно педагошких – педагогије, дидактике и методике за предшколски и основношколски узраст. Ради се о новом приступу учењу у којем доминира активност дјетета и његов успјешан психомоторни развој. Програм нуди начине препознавања даровите дјеце, њихове карактеристике и путове к повећању ИQ-а, развоја способности и стваралачког мишљења, наглашава се значај породице и шире друштвене заједнице у развоју надарене дјеце. НТЦ метода учења је заснована на игри, а проводи се у 15 еуропских земаља.

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Свјетски дан музике 2017

Као и претходних шест година, Академија умјетности Универзитета у Бањој Луци у сарадњи са Музиколошким друштвом Републике Српске обиљежава Свјетски дан музике 21.06.2017. године.
Овогодишњи Свјетски дан музике подразумијева јавна извођења на отвореном, у Господској улици (простор испред зграде Градске скупштине Бањалуке) у периоду од 17,00 до 22,00 часа. ВИШЕ…

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Бесплатна љетња EDIT школа

Бесплатна љетња EDIT школа у организацији компаније Comtrade биће организована у Бањој Луци од 17. до 28 . јула 2017. године.
EDIT је првенствено намијењен студентима који желе да допуне своје академско знање с практичним искуством. Учешће у овом пројекту ће омогућити студентима да стекну дубље увиде у функционалности компаније и пружити прилику да искусе како је када учествујете у правом пројекту у пословном свијету. За студенте, ово је савршена прилика не само за упознавање са компанијом, већ да се нађу у самом центру иновација из технологије! Пројекти су базирани на актуелним темама и омогућују студентима да прате ток иновација. ВИШЕ…